HR100 Contact Resistance Tester Handheld

Resistance Measurement

HR100 Contact Resistance Tester (Handheld)
l HR100 Handheld type contact resistance teser used for measuring the resistance of circuit breaker contacts, switchgear contacts and bus-bar joints.
l Setting current output time at 0.1s, 0.6s, 3s.
l Can enter the device’s number, for checking the stored result conveniently.
l Stored 100 test results.
l Built-in clock record the date.
l The stored result includes device’s number, testing time and resistance.
l Current output: 50 and 100A selectable
l Voltage output:≤3V
l Measuring range:0 to 2000μΩ,Resolution:0.1μΩ
l Accuracy:±1% rdg ±1μΩ
l Current measurement accuracy:±1% rdg±0.1A
l Output time setting:0.1s、0.6s、3s selectable
l Measurement times:>500 times(After recharge)
l Recharge power: 100 to 240V AC,47~63Hz
l Recharge time<6h
l Working environment: -20°C to 50°C
l Humidity ≤90%RH   Non-condensing
l Dimensions: 250mm×140mm×55mm      Weight:1.5kg