XZD1 Transformer DC resistance tester

Resistance Measurement

The XZD-1 DC Resistance Tester is a test instrument designed to quickly measure the DC resistance of the second winding of the current transformer. The whole machine is automatically controlled by the logic circuit to switch the range, a single operation can complete the resistance measurement, liquid crystal display. This machine has the advantages of light weight, intuitive display and easy operation. It is an ideal alternative to a one-armed bridge.
Technical features
1. Measurement range: 0.02Ω-19.99Ω, resolution:1mΩ
                   20Ω-199.99Ω,resolution:10 mΩ
2. Accuracy: 0.5%R±0.2Ω
3. Power supply: including rechargeable battery, charging power AC220 x 10%
4. Operating conditions: temperature -20-50℃ humidity less than 90%RH
5. Volume: 320 x 220 x 140mm  
6. Weight: 3KG
How it works      
    The measured resistance is measured by a four-ended method, i.e. an accurate constant current is output by the instrument, which is converted into a resistance value by measuring the voltage at both ends of the resistance.