CTC710A CT/PT Analyzer (Variable frequency method)

Instrument transformer testing

CTC710A CT/PT Analyzer (Variable frequency method)
CTC710A Instrument transformer tester used to measure CT and PT excitation, ratio, polarity, secondary winding resistance, CT secondary circuit burden and so on testing work.
1. Use the FREQUENCY CONVERSION method can test the CT excitation characteristic knee point below 3KV.
2. Use “voltage method and “current method test current transformer ratio and polarity (include transformer bushing CTs).
3. Test current transformer secondary winding DC resistance.
4. Test current transformer secondary circuit burden.
5. Test voltage transformer excitation characteristic, ratio, polarity and secondary winding DC resistance.
6. Drawing the excitation curve and calculating the knee point V/A accordance to IEC60044-1.
7. Drawing 5%, 10% CT error curve.
8. Measuring CT’s ratio error and phase displacement.
9. Transparent display shows values and curve clearly both indoor and outdoor.
10. High speed thermal printer can print values and curve.
11. Checking the connecting cable automatically. Wrong connecting warning instructions.
12. Built-in large memory storage can stored 3000 winding test values, loss of power without loss of values.
13. Use a U-disk transfer the values to PC, and generate a report of Windows word form.
14. Use a U-disk to update software.
Technical Data
Input source voltage AC 220V~240V,47~63HZ
Output voltage AC  0~360V
Output current 0~10A(RMS),Peak  20A
Output power 0~3600VA
Primary voltage measurement range 0~12V
Secondary voltage measurement range 2~360V
Winding resistance measurement Range: 0~300Ω         Resolution:   1mΩ
Error  ±(0.1%R)
AC burden measurement 0~1000VA,     Resolution:   0.001VA
Ratio measurement range      1~35000
Rated current ratio error 1~5000, error ±0.1%
Above 5000: error ±0.2%
Rated current phase displacement error When cosφ=0.8~1,  3min,  Resolution 0.1min
Environment -20°C~50°C    Humidity≤90%RH
Dimensions (W×H×D)   427 mm×357 mm×193mm
Weight 11kg
Ratio and phase displacement error is valid only under the condition below:
a) The knee point voltage >5V according to IEC60044-1.
b) The tested CT core with no air gap.
c) All the cables should be disconnect from primary side.
Under the interference condition, the tester accuracy may be degraded.