HTDR2000 Cable Fault Detection

Functions and features
The HTDR200 cable fault tester can be used to detect the high resistance, low resistance, short circuit, open circuit, leak fault and flash fault of various cables, and accurately detect the location of the fault point of the underground cable and the actual length of the cable. It has the characteristics of accurate testing, high intelligence, wide range of adaptation, stable performance and lightweight and portable. The instrument box uses a wear-resistant dust-proof protective box, which is durable and portable.
1. It has the test function of low voltage pulse method, multiple pulse method, pulse current method and pulse voltage method.
2. The sample rate is as high as 500MHz and the sampling accuracy is high.
3. The pulse voltage is high and the voltage value of 0-40V can be set.
4. The blind spot is small and the resolution is high.
5. With dual-channel acquisition, the two cable waveforms can be compared with the content of intuitive content.
6. This instrument uses 30Ah rechargeable lithium battery, the long battery life, so that the system really do operators and test equipment completely isolated from high voltage, anti-jamming ability, to ensure test reliability and human-machine safety.
7. Using multiple pulse method, a high-voltage test can be collected to 15 sets of discharge waveforms, convenient for users in the shortest possible time to test the distance of the point of failure.
8. With real-time speed measurement function, for cables with unclear parameters, you can measure the speed of transmission of pulse signals in the cable by simply entering the length of the cable.
9. With automatic ranging function, the fault distance can be measured automatically by clicking the automatic ranging button.
10. The use of windows system operating software, easy to operate, more user-friendly design.
11. Embedded industrial metal full keyboard and touch mouse.
12. Oversized 13.3"-inch full-color LED highlight industrial display, low temperature performance is good.
13. Built-in Wi-Fi connects to the Internet. Enable experts to remotely control the host and provide real-time testing services.
Technical parameters
Range: 14m-55km
Output pulse width: 55ns, 100ns, 200ns, 500ns, 1us, 2us, 5us, 10us, 100us, 200us automatically match by distance
Output power: 3-30V to 50 euros (continuously adjustable) can also automatically match the output voltage, lifting the safety limit to 40V
Sample rate: 500MHz
Time-based accuracy: 50ppm
Resolution: 0.6m
Display: 1280 x 720 13.3 LED
Cursor: 4 cursors, independent control
Gain: 66dB (6dB increment), automatic or manual match
Input: 2TDR 1 High Voltage Flash Mode
Data interface: 2 x USB2.0
Software: HDCFA-1.0 Pro (Handy Cable Fault Analysis)
Power supply: 110-220VAC 45-65Hz
Battery: 13.6V lithium battery 30AH for 15 hours
Dimensions: 405mm (L) x 335mm (W) x 190mm (H)
Weight: 9kg
Working environment: temperature (-20C-50C), humidity 95%
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