CTC760E CT Analyzer (Variable frequency method)

CTC760E Instrument transformer tester can carry out a series of standard tests quickly, such as determining the magnetization characteristic, saturation behavior (ALF/FS), transformation ratio and its accuracy, polarity, load, winding resistance, or remanence. Tests are performed in accordance with standards: IEC60044-1, IEC60044-6, IEC 61869, ANSI/IEEE C57.13.1.Use direct current method and variable frequency method (low frequency method) testing CT excitation characteristic below 80KV, working fast.


  • Use both “voltage method”(through secondary injection) and “current method”(through primary injection) testing current transformer ratio and polarity (include transformer bushing CTs)

  • Output up to 200A with current booster (option)

  • Testing current transformer secondary winding DC resistance.

  • Testing current transformer secondary circuit burden.

  • Testing voltage transformer excitation characteristic, ratio, polarity and secondary winding DC resistance.

  • Drawing the excitation curve and calculating the knee point accordance to IEC60044-1 and IEC60044-6.

  • Drawing 5%, 10% CT error curve.

  • Measuring CT’s ratio error and phase displacement.

  • Measuring CT’s remanence factor, magnetizing inductance, secondary loop time constant, transient dimensioning factor, peak instantaneous error, accuracy limit factor, instrument security factor.

  • Drawing current transformer Hysteresis loop curve.

  • Transparent display shows values and curve clearly both indoor and outdoor.

  • High speed thermal printer can print values and curve.

  • Checking the connecting cable automatically. Wrong connecting warning.

  • Built-in large memory storage can stored 3000 winding test values, loss of power without loss of values.

  • Using an USB flash drive transfer the values to PC, and generate report.

  • Using an USB flash drive to update software.

  • Chinese and English language can be selected.


Power supply   198 to 264V AC,47 to 63Hz
Output voltage 0 - 360V AC
Output current 0-10A(rms),peak 20A
Output current with ext. booster 0 - 200A AC  (option)
Output power 0 – 3600VA
Secondary voltage measurement range 2 - 360V AC
Winding resistance measurement Range: 0 - 300Ω
Winding resistance measurement Error: ±0.1% rdg ± 1 mΩ   Resolution: 1mΩ
AC burden measurement 0-1000VA,Resolution:0.01VA
Ratio measurement range 1-35000
Rated current ratio error ± 0.05%
Rated current phase displacement error When cosφ=0.8 -1,  2min,  Resolution 0.1min
Environment -20°C to 50°C    Humidity ≤90%RH   Non-condensing
Dimensions (W×H×D)   427×357×193 mm
Weight 11kg