PTG720A PT Inductive Voltage Withstand Tester

PTG720A PT Inductive Voltage Withstand Tester
PTG720A used for testing voltage transformer inductive voltage withstand, excitation characteristic, ratio and polarity.
l Performing voltage transformer primary side inductive voltage withstand. Automatic regulate external compensating inductor.
l Using wattless power feedback technique, output power can up to 9kVA at the condition of power factor 0.6.
l Measuring voltage transformer excitation characteristic.
l Measuring electromagnetic voltage transformer ratio and polarity.
l The screen shows testing result and curve clearly.
l Thermal printer can print results and curve.
l Checking the connecting cable automatically. Wrong connecting warning instructions.
l Built-in large memory storage can stored 3000 winding test values, loss of power without loss of values.
l Using U-disk transfer the values to PC, and generate report.
l Use a U-disk to update software.
Power supply 198 to 264V AC,47 to 63HZ
Output voltage 0 - 360V AC
Output current AC  0 - 30A(rms)
Output voltage frequency 50Hz、100Hz、150Hz
Winding current measurement 0 - 50A
Output power 0 – 9kVA
Voltage measurement Error:±0.5% rdg  Resolution: 0.1V
Secondary voltage measurement range 0 - 20V
Ratio error ±0.1%
Working environment -20°C to 50°C    Humidity ≤90%RH   Non-condensing
Dimensions (W×H×D)   492×392×218mm
Weight 14kg