TAC750E CT/PT Tester (Power frequency method)

 TAC750E instrument transformer tester is design for measuring relay protection professional CT and PT excitation characteristic, ratio, polarity, secondary winding resistance and secondary circuit burden.
l It can finish CT/PT excitation characteristic, ratio and polarity at the same time, improving work efficiency.
l CT winding resistance measurement.
l CT burden measurement.
l Output power frequency can select 50Hz or 60Hz.
l It can boost up to 2000V without external booster.
l Drawing 5%,10% error curve automatically.
l Can output high current, in order to check the secondary circuit.
l Can maintain output voltage, in order to check voltage withstand capability.
l Large screen high brightness display.
l Mass storage memory, can store 2500 test results.
l Can use U-Disk to transfer test data to PC.
l Support system update via U-Disk.
l Calculate knee point according to IEC 60044-1.
l Chinese and English language can be selected.
Power supply 198 to 264V AC  47 to 63Hz
Voltage output  0 - 200V AC /10A
 0 - 900V AC /2A
  0 - 2000V AC /1A
Current output   0 - 200A AC /10V
Output frequency 50Hz or 60Hz
Current measurement Error:±0.5% rdg  resolution:0.1mA
range:(5% to 100%)
Voltage measurement Error:±0.5% rdg  resolution:10mV
range:(5% to 100%)
Ratio measurement Error: ±0.5%
Burden of secondary circuit 0~1000VA,resolution:0.001VA
Measurement range of winding resistance 0.1 - 100Ω   resolution:1mΩ
Accuracy of resistance measurement ± 0.5%rdg
Dimensions 492 × 392 × 218 mm
Weight 20kg
Environment Temeperature: -20~50°C    Humidity ≤90%RH   Non-condensing